Leisure & Hospitality

Leisure & hospitality accounting that gives you a competitive edge.

Accounting for the Recreation, Hospitality, & Hotel Industry

Today’s tourism, leisure & hospitality industry is one of the top-growing sectors in Canada. From rapidly changing consumer demands and regulations to increased competition, running a successful leisure and hospitality business is a demanding, round-the-clock job. At Cross & Company, our leisure, hospitality, and tourism accountants work with you to provide practical guidance and strategy that helps you overcome these unique challenges and maximize your business’s potential to the fullest.

As experienced and knowledgeable tourism, leisure and hospitality accountants, we offer a range of accounting, business advisory, and tax services to help your business navigate the ever-changing economic and market trends of the recreation, hospitality, and hotel industry. From helping you reduce tax burdens and managing payroll & cash flow to auditing, bookkeeping, and accounting services, you can rely on our Nanaimo-based accounting firm to take care of the numbers while you continue to deliver 5-star experiences for your guests.

Clients we serve:
Hotels & Motels, Bed & Breakfasts, Lodges & Resorts
Golf Courses & Amusement Parks
Fitness, Sports, & Recreational Facilities
Restaurants, Bars, Pubs, & Catering
Museums & Theatres

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