Natural Resources & Energy

Accounting, audit, & tax services for natural resources companies.

Accounting for the Energy & Natural Resources industry

In Canada, the energy & natural resources industry faces constant disruption and change. From renewable energy demands and unique income tax rules to rising production and exploration costs and fluctuating market demands, the energy & natural resources, mining, and exploration sectors are an ever-changing landscape. At Cross & Company, our natural resources accounting firm offers strategic guidance that addresses your unique challenges and conquers them head-on.

Our team of exploration, natural resources, and mining accounting experts helps public and privately owned natural resources companies plan and execute strategies focused on managing risks, identifying opportunities, resources tax planning and compliance, and more. Our services include, but are not limited to, business & corporate tax services, bookkeeping, payroll, & government remittances, compliance engagement, financial statements audit and reviews, and more.

Clients we serve:
Oil & Natural Gas Companies
Mining Companies
Power Generation and Distribution
Forestry & Logging Companies
Alternative Energy Companies
Exploration Companies

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