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Retail & Wholesale Accounting

Retail is a fast-moving, demanding, and competitive industry. At Cross & Company, our wholesale accounting team takes the time to get to know you, understand your operations, and create strategic solutions focused on growing your bottom line. Whether it’s franchise accounting tax services or bookkeeping for retail stores, our accounting in retail team provides an array of services focused on helping you navigate the ever-changing needs of consumers while staying ahead of the competition.

From providing strategic guidance for supply and inventory management to ensuring audit compliance with laws and regulations, we partner with wholesale and retail operations of every type. Whether you’re a small, independent store or a franchise of merchandisers, the CPA accountants at Cross & Company are here to help you achieve success today and navigate the challenges of tomorrow.

Clients we serve:
Building Materials Wholesalers
Grocery & Food Wholesalers
Beverage & Tobacco Wholesalers
General Merchandise, Superstores & Department Stores
Convenience & Clothing Stores
E-commerce Stores

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