Trust Examinations

Ensuring your operations & finances are in order.

Cross & Company’s accountants & bookkeepers can make sure you’re operating in compliance with Canadian tax law and regulations that are applicable to your company. To ensure you maintain trust account compliance, we work with you to reduce the risk of accounting improprieties, maintain accurate records, and avoid common trust accounting pitfalls.

Trust report & compliance examinations.

We provide professional bookkeeping and financial advisory services for small to medium-sized law firms to ensure they’re in compliance with the Law Society of BC legislation. With decades of experience in trust accounting, Cross & Company’s team of CPAs can provide the insight and strategy you need to achieve your financial goals.

Trust & real estate
accounting services.

Our CPAs and bookkeeping team offer accurate, reliable trust accounting services that alleviate stress, ensure you are protected and create better cash flow.

Trust Report - Accountant’s Report: Law Society of BC
For legal trust account examinations for compliance, our accountants handle the preparation of Part C – Summary of Accountant’s Specified Procedures for the Trust Report under the Law Society of BC.
Real Estate Council of British Columbia Accountant’s Report
For real estate trust account examinations for compliance, we handle the preparation of the Accountant’s Report to the Real Estate Council of BC.
We can help your firm maintain trust account compliance.

Need help ensuring your trust accounting meets all compliance requirements? Get in touch with Cross & Company to learn more about our trust accounting services. Book an appointment with our CPAs today!