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Government Tax, Audit, & Filling Services

For more than 30 years, Cross & Company’s Nanaimo-based CPA accountants have helped government entities and contractors streamline processes, ensure compliance in financial and procurement processes, and create profitable growth with our government accounting, tax, financial reporting and consulting, and government audit services.

From budget restraints and ever-changing legislation and regulations to unique tax requirements, government entities have their share of financial and operational challenges to overcome. As your partner, our government accountant team provides dedicated risk management and financial guidance designed to optimize finances and performance. Whether you need support with your government audit, government tax forms and government filing or are just looking for a government accounting team to help maximize shareholder value, our team of accountants and bookkeepers is ready to help your finance department thrive.

Clients we serve:
Indigenous services
Federal Government
Provincial Government
Municipal Government
Education & Hospitals

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